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 That's Once

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PostSubject: That's Once   That's Once Icon_minitimeMon Feb 15, 2010 12:13 pm

A man and his wife were riding horses on a journey through the countryside. As they were riding along the man's horse starts bucking and throws the man off the horse. He gets up, dusts himself off, walks up to the horse and says, "That's once." He gets back on the horse and they continue on their way. Within a few minutes the horse starts bucking again, knocking the man off once again. He gets up calmly, dusts himself off, and says to the horse, "That's twice." He gets back on the horse and continues along his way. And surely enough, the horse begins bucking again and throws the man off it's back. He gets up, says, "That's three," walks to his bag, opens it up, revealing a handgun, which he uses to blow the horse's brains out. His wife looks on in disgust, and starts wildly punching, kicking and abuses him. The man then calmly picks her up, places her aside and says, "That's once."

That's Once The_mi11

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That's Once
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