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 Sfifer's Vietnam Survival Guide: Map Strategies Pt 1.

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Sfifer's Vietnam Survival Guide: Map Strategies Pt 1. Empty
PostSubject: Sfifer's Vietnam Survival Guide: Map Strategies Pt 1.   Sfifer's Vietnam Survival Guide: Map Strategies Pt 1. Icon_minitimeThu Oct 15, 2009 9:44 am

Cambodian Incursion (Assault)

MACV--Studies and Observations Group/Unidentified Viet Cong Forces

Sfifer's Vietnam Survival Guide: Map Strategies Pt 1. Cambod10

Cambodian Incursion is another Assault map, but it possesses a higher degree of difficulty for the assaulting VC than do many of the Assault maps that feature the US as the aggressors. The current trend on many servers seems to see the US forces being numerically superior, at least at the beginning of a round, which makes it very difficult for the VC to break out from their initial spawn point here. Overcoming the initial waves of M60/LAW forces can take a little while, even though the flag closest to the VC's initial spawn is only a couple hundred meters away.

US Strategy

Your chances of forcing victory grow better for each minute you can keep the VC forces holed up in their initial spawn point. At the beginning of a round, everyone on your team should be spawning at flag number 2 with an M60/M79 or Car-15/XM 12, and laying down fire at anyone who attempts to cross the river. The bridge here should be covered with fallen soldiers within minutes, but keep an eye on the flag itself; anyone who manages to sneak past you may try to camp out in a corner to convert it. You can also expect the tank to come rumbling over the bridge, but then again, most of your soldiers should be outfitted with Grenade Launchers, so you shouldn't have much of a problem dealing with it.

If you don't feel like joining the crowd, spawn at flag number four, and walk over the hill to the north, keeping an eye out for any VC infiltrators. If your team manages to pin them in long enough, they'll often try to swim around the river here towards flag four; if you can spot them while they're swimming, they're easy pickings. Otherwise, you can lie prone in the bushes above the VC spawn and pick them off as they run around in their base, with special emphasis on anyone attempting to man one of the M4 Field Guns. Your muzzle flash will eventually give you away, but you should be able to get a few cheap kills nonetheless.

A VC breakout is usually just a matter of time here; some enterprising guerilla will find his way behind your line and start converting a flag. If you're anywhere nearby, book it towards that flag double-time; you might not be able to prevent it from switching over, but you can at least kill the VC infiltrator and, if you're lucky, catch the first wave of enemy soldiers with their pants down as they spawn in. But, as mentioned, eventually the VC will control and fortify a base to prevent bleeding. After this occurs, the map usually devolves into a game of musical chairs, where each base will be converted multiple times. If you managed to press the VC into the initial spawn for a lengthy period of time, however, you should be operating with a marked ticket advantage.

VC Strategy

You're likely to be outmanned and outgunned at the beginning of a round on this map, so your priority should be to immediately break out, if possible. If you have a speedy computer, you may load the map quicker than other players, which means that you'll be able to spawn in before they will. If this happens, grab the tank and floor it until you reach flag number four! You'll probably get hit by a couple of Grenades as you zoom past flag number 2, but with any luck, no Marines will have spawned further south, and you'll be able to capture and hold the bridge's flag long enough for your teammates to spawn in and start metastasizing up and down the map.

If you're unable to effect the immediate break-out, you can still attempt to reach flag number four by swimming along the river to the south of your spawn point. This takes awhile, obviously; bleeding alone will account for around 20 tickets being taken away from your team while you make the trip, and even if you get there, you may still be killed by anyone who's chosen to guard that flag. Still, if you choose to go, stay in the river until you actually reach the bridge, and capture the flag by floating in the water underneath it. This will minimize the chance that you'll be spotted by an enemy soldier. After you manage to convert the flag, though, get out of the water forthwith; if a Marine comes along to convert the flag and notes that his timer isn't reducing, the first place he'll look for an enemy will be underneath the bridge. If there's a tank at the nearby temple, grab it and head back up towards the north to support the rest of your troops there.

If worse comes to worst, you'll be stuck among the grunts attempting to walk across the bridge near your initial spawn. These efforts are almost always doomed, even with the close-range artillery support, but should you manage to persevere through sheer force of will, your priorities should immediately shift towards defending your northern flags and moving your mobile spawn points into the hills to the south. Defending the flag is of paramount importance, but hopefully you'll have enough soldiers spawning at flag number two to prevent anyone from capturing it. If you're worried about incoming tanks, laying mines in the pools of water in the road is a great way to prevent enemy armor from approaching the northern end of the map. They can't be seen, and they still destroy any vehicle that comes up the road. A couple of log traps will also appear on top of the nearby hill when the VC control flag number two, which can be used to destroy armor, as well.

Beyond the basics of defending the northern flags, though, you'll want to move your spawn points to the south. One of them should be placed somewhere between flags two and three; these will often be converted sequentially by a single opponent who manages to sneak away from the fighting in the south, so it helps to have a quick way to take them back. The second should definitely be placed somewhere near the temple at flag number five. There are two entrances to the temple: one in front, which will generally be under the eye of whomever controls the temple, and one in the rear, which opens up underneath the temple itself. An ideal place for your second mobile spawn is in the brush at the rear of the temple; setting it here will minimize the chance that the US will stumble across it, while letting your troops flood the temple from below.

General Strategy

After the initial carnage in the north subsides and a few flags are converted, the action on this map, as on the Ho Chi Minh map, seems to revolve around the flag in the center of the temple. As such, if you're looking to kill off a few soldiers with minimal risk to yourself, you can either camp out inside the temple itself and pick off infantrymen as they come up the stairs, or head upstairs and outside onto the upper reaches of the temple and snipe from the structure's roof. Whichever you choose, you should have plenty of targets to choose from.

Flags three, four, and five generally see the bulk of the firefighting on this map due to their centrality, which is all the more reason to ensure that your team controls flags one, two, and six. Causing the other team to bleed requires your team to control five out of the six points, which is obviously difficult to do. If you're on the VC, though, and are operating on a ticket deficit due to an early-round pounding, you may want to just concede the temple to the Marines and try to box them in by capturing all of the other flags.

One aspect of the map to be noted is the multiple river crossings. These bridges, whether wide enough for vehicles or intended only for infantry, are natural choke points and thus draw a lot of campers, and also generally wind up with plenty of traps and mines. If you're not in a desperate hurry to cross a river, it's generally a bit smarter to just take a swim across the river to reach the other side. You'll be a fish in a barrel for anyone actually overlooking the water, but you may be able to avoid the attention of anyone sitting further back.

Fall of Lang Vei (Assault)

5th Special Forces Group/304th NVA Division

Sfifer's Vietnam Survival Guide: Map Strategies Pt 1. Fall_o10

Lang Vei was a Vietnamese village located just south and west of Khe Sanh. Lang Vei was attacked at the same time that Khe Sanh was, as both a strategic attack and a diversion for the upcoming Tet Offensive. Manned by a couple dozen US Special Forces troops and some ARVN soldiers, the camp was overrun within a few hours.

This map, if you hadn't already noticed, is the southern half of the Siege of Khe Sanh map. It is set at nightfall, so don't expect a great deal of visibility.

ARVN Strategy

The ARVN begins with four control points. #1 is Lang Vei itself, complete with two MUTTs, a Sheridan, a Cobra, and a Huey slick. Control point #2 has two MUTTs (and not much else). #3 is in the middle of a rice paddy, although the village nearby has two more MUTTs. Point #4 has--you guessed it, two more MUTTs.

Focus your defenses around your chopper pads at point #1. Not only does all of your air power spawn there, your only armor does, as well. Watch out for NVA paratroopers and for their portable tunnel entrance--if NVA troops start showing up in droves, their hole is somewhere nearby. Once you have a solid defense, move out and play seek-and-destroy, killing as many of the enemy as you can, taking bases when possible, and just generally causing havoc and destruction.

NVA Strategy

The NVA start out with only one control point (#5), but they have two mobile spawns nearby--a hole and an Mi-8 transport. Also nearby are a UAZ, an Mi-8 (assault variant) and a ZSU.

Ideally, you should start by having an Engineer grab the tunnel entrance and board the Mi-8 transport. Drop him somewhere on the opposite side of the map to deploy the hole somewhere that it won't be noticed. Concentrate on defending control point #5, as it represents all of your air power. Move in small teams with at least one man carrying an RPD, and hunt the enemy, taking bases when the opportunity presents itself.

General Strategy

Lang Vei is a tough map to develop or use a particular strategy for. It is small, meaning that it doesn't take long to get from one point to another. It is also circular--most spawn points are close to several others, meaning that you never know which way an opponent is going to go, and there are no chokepoints to hold him off at. It also means that it is next to impossible to hold more than a couple of bases at a time--there just aren't enough people to go around, and all the mobile spawn points and air transports mean that any base can be attacked at any time.

When it comes right down to it, the best way to win on Lang Vei is to hold enough bases to prevent a point drain, and then kill as many of the enemy as you can manage. The only way you will win Lang Vei is by either getting lucky enough to capture every flag, or by attrition, killing so many of the enemy that they run out of tickets.
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Sfifer's Vietnam Survival Guide: Map Strategies Pt 1.
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